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Case studies

Gutjapin Gumana—stepping into new leadership in two worlds 6 Paul Briggs and Simon Factor—skilled support for leadership 8 Rarrtjiwuy Melanie Herdman—a rising Yol ŋ u voice 14 Derek Walker, Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation—jobs for a nation 44 Sean Gordon, Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council—collaborating for community 66


Shane Phillips, Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation—building a strong community in inner Sydney



Figure 1: Returned secondees’ skills, and benefits to corporate and government partners—KPMG evaluation results xiii Figure 2: Corporate and government partners’ engagement with Indigenous Australia—KPMG evaluation resultss xiv Figure 3: Returned secondees’ engagement with Indigenous Australia— KPMG evaluation results xv Figure 4: The Jawun footprint  xvii Figure 5: The Jawun empowerment model xviii Figure 6: Operational focus of Jawun’s partners 25 Figure 7: Jawun’s adaptation of the ‘7-S’ framework for organisational effectiveness 26 Figure 8: Jawun—Empowering communities through connections 60