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Page Background

A number of key insights emerged during

the preparation of this report, identifying

how the Jawun model ‘in action’ creates

value and impact for its Indigenous partners.

Indigenous people leading big and

small change are the heart of an

Indigenous-led development agenda.

Given the complex, demanding

nature of their roles, providing them

opportunities to strengthen leadership

skills, confidence and networks is a

powerful means of support.

Indigenous communities across

the country place a high priority

on enabling the next generation of

influencers to step into leadership

roles. Backing this means providing

opportunities for up-and-coming

Indigenous leaders to learn and grow.

Connecting female leaders across

regions and sectors creates a collective

of women who support each other to

achieve breakthrough social change.

Facilitating expanded networks for

Indigenous female leaders also creates

pathways for the next generation of

female leaders.

Indigenous organisations are the

engines driving change in communities.

They activate economic and social

development, deliver culturally

appropriate services, and create jobs

for Indigenous people. Injection of

professional skills, combined with new

ways of doing things, help Indigenous

organisations go further, faster.

The rise of Indigenous enterprise

creates true opportunities for

Indigenous Australians to participate

in the ‘real economy’. Creating value

beyond economic profit alone,

Indigenous enterprises often deliver

a broader set of gains for community,

culture and country. Accessing business

skills and entrepreneurial thinking can

be a vital enabler.






Key insights