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Rarrtjiwuy Melanie Herdman is a

young Yol


u woman from Arnhem

Land. Rarrtjiwuy participated

in the Jawun Emerging Leaders

program in 2015, and soon after

became acting CEO of Miwatj

Health Aboriginal Corporation. She

is also chairperson of Dhimurru

Aboriginal Corporation.

One of Rarrtjiwuy’s first jobs was

Aboriginal liaison officer at Miwatj

Health. She is proud of what

the organisation stands for, an

Aboriginal community–controlled

health organisation and a truly

culturally accessible service for



u people. As well as acting

as CEO, Rarrtjiwuy manages

an all-Yol


u team delivering

a community-based program

promoting healthy lifestyles

and tackling smoking as part

of chronic disease prevention.

Rarrtjiwuy works regularly with

Jawun secondees, who have

supported the organisation’s

success and expansion since 2014.

Miwatj’s statistics speak for itself:

attendance rates at its clinics are

among the highest in the region

. 18

Another of Rarrtjiwuy’s early

roles was at Dhimurru, which

manages the Indigenous Protected

Area in the Gove Peninsula and

recreational areas on Aboriginal

land. Dhimurru is also a long-

running partner of Jawun, using

Jawun secondees to strengthen

its workplace safety and develop

cultural tourism ideas. The

organisation’s approach to natural

and cultural heritage management

impressed Rarrtjiwuy deeply:

I loved the way Dhimurru

took a role to look after the

land while also keeping it

in the state that our elders

walked on, and sharing that

country with non-Indigenous

people by having recreational

areas that we manage.

Rarrtjiwuy Melanie Herdman—

a rising Yol


u voice


Rarrtjiwuy Melanie Herdman.

Photo: Miwatj Health