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Page Background

It is one thing to identify

issues; it is another

thing altogether to act.




As Jawun continues to grow and learn from

its history and relationships and to expand its

geographical footprint, it is committed to sharing

what it learns about empowerment and capacity

building with Indigenous, government, corporate and

philanthropic stakeholders.

Since 2010, Jawun has produced regular reports that

showcase key learnings and insights drawn from

its experience. This is Jawun’s seventh report in the

series. Previous reports can be accessed on Jawun’s

website at


This report is the second in a two-part series. In 2015,

A story of shared value: corporate and government


looked at Jawun’s secondment partners

and explored the value of the Jawun relationship at a

number of levels (see a summary of the key insights

on pages viii–ix of this report).

About this report

This second report,

A story of shared value:

Indigenous partners

, explores how Jawun is

supporting Indigenous organisations and leaders

to drive positive change in their communities

and beyond.

The first five sections explore different strands of

Jawun’s capacity-building model as a pathway to

Indigenous empowerment.