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With an operational plan for achieving strategic

goals, and with formal guidelines for staff roles,

financial planning and Board function, ‘structure’

means an organisation can ‘walk the talk’.

When KPMG looked at Jawun’s role in

strengthening organisational capacity, they found

that as a result of the partnership with Jawun:

of organisations reported an uplift in structure



SOURCE: KPMG (2015),




Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation

When Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation partnered

with Jawun in 2014, it was embarking on exciting

new government and private partnerships for a

range of education, job, housing, health and youth

programs. To support this significant growth and

diversification, several secondees who specialised in

corporate change management worked with staff to

develop an updated strategic plan that could guide

Nirrumbuk’s direction, and that remains the basis for

operations today.

To meet complicated new human resources

requirements, a Qantas legal specialist created a

single, legally compliant HR policies and procedures

manual, consistent templates aligned with awards,

and the conditions for Nirrumbuk to qualify as

a Group Training Organisation. To ensure that

Nirrumbuk could competently deliver, and report

the impact of, a new youth counselling program,

Pinakarra, a Western Australian Government

evaluation specialist developed a performance

measurement framework, including an online data

analysis and reporting program that staff were

trained to use. Further secondees helped develop a

marketing structure, budget, IT platform, and work

health and safety structure.

As well as technical know-how, Nirrumbuk’s

management feels the 30 secondees deployed to

date have brought ‘fresh eyes’ to the organisation’s

structure. Of their earliest support, CEO Joe

Grande said, ‘It requires ongoing monitoring and

development, but the work done by secondees has

really set the foundations for Nirrumbuk to show the

world what we’re all about’.

Today, the capability of Nirrumbuk is evident in its

multisectoral partnerships to support disadvantaged

Kimberley youth, and in its increasing portfolio of

businesses providing real jobs in the local economy.