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Kimberley rangers in a planning meeting during the Gibb River complex wildfire, 2016.

Photo: Kimberley Land Council


From a clear mission and values to a

comprehensive strategic plan, ‘strategy’ means

an organisation knows its purpose and how it

will achieve it.

When KPMG looked at Jawun’s role in

strengthening organisational capacity, they found

that as a result of the partnership with Jawun:

of organisations reported an uplift in strategy



SOURCE: KPMG (2015),




Kimberley Land Council

The Kimberley Land Council helps Indigenous people

apply their cultural values and land management skills

to businesses, for a sustainable economy on country.

A series of Jawun secondees helped Kimberley Land

Council establish a ‘cultural enterprise economy’ to do

just this, culminating in a Cultural Enterprise Hub. They

applied professional corporate expertise to the set-

up of the hub’s governance structure, financing and

staffing plan, marketing and brand. They developed

business cases or policy recommendations for new

enterprises, and strengthened (and sometimes

challenged) existing ones. All this was aligned to

Kimberley Land Council’s strategic vision for a cultural

enterprise economy.

Today the Cultural Enterprise Hub is best known for

managing the Kimberley Ranger Network, which

employs over 80 people to manage their traditional

lands. It also facilitates the internationally recognised

North Kimberley Fire Abatement Project, which draws

on traditional fire practices to generate saleable

carbon credits. With a pipeline of new enterprises

in development, the hub is proving that, driven by a

strong strategy, it truly can help Indigenous people in

the Kimberley participate in the ‘real economy’ in

ways that also generate environmental, cultural and

social outcomes.

Nolan Hunter, CEO of Kimberley Land Council, is glad

to have reached this point with the help of borrowed

experts: ‘Each secondee brings us one step closer to

our goals. We see great value to our organisation in

the skills they bring and their “fresh eyes” perspective.’