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1.1 Secondee support for leadership

Working at Indigenous organisations for six weeks

or more, Jawun secondees work individually and in

sequence to support Indigenous leaders driving small

and big change.

For emerging leaders stepping into new or

challenging roles, this involves transferring specific

technical skills as well as higher order professional

skills around management or influence. It also

includes enabling greater leadership confidence

(see case study on page 6), and providing strategic

connections that can be drawn on for support

and partnership.

For established leaders, support includes helping

leaders think strategically but boldly about how

they can drive innovative, comprehensive

change for the betterment of their communities.

Professional, experienced secondees provide

strategic ‘thought companionship


to Indigenous

leaders, acting as a sounding board and helping

shape and implement ambitious initiatives or

policy reforms (see case study on page 8). They

also provide Indigenous leaders with space and

collaboration opportunities to apply new thinking

and practise innovation, in order to achieve

community development goals.

KPMG, in its impact evaluation of Jawun, found that

high-calibre secondees (and other corporate mentors

who are part of the Jawun network) were ‘influencing

[Indigenous leaders’] approach to management, their

strategic thinking and their communication style as

well as the ability to positively influence the sector in

which they operate’

. 13

I’ve seen young guys who are really the next generation of

leaders work with secondees, and seen how their confidence

grows and how they’ve expanded their own networks. In

10 years’ time they’ll be the next leaders, and at the moment

they’re growing because of their work with Jawun secondees.

They’re learning more, and they’re thinking about opportunities

that might come their way to expand their horizons.



Foreground (from left): Shane Phillips (Tribal Warrior), Sean Gordon (Darkinjung), Noel Pearson (Cape York Partnership). Background (from

left): Karyn Baylis (Jawun), Ross Love (BCG), Anthony Roediger (BCG), Sarah Franks (formerly of Westpac), Alison Urquhart (BCG), Alex

Macoun (formerly of BCG), Simon Moore (BCG), Steve Hind (former BCG) and Tim Mooney (BCG).

Photo: Daniel Linnet